Practical and easy tips to set up a home office

Home offices could very well be the new normal in a post-Covid world. While setting up a workspace in a home environment might seem overwhelming, it’s actually quite doable. Consider some of the tips below to enjoy an energetic, productive workspace.

The Location!

The location you choose depends on your circumstances. Parents with unsupervised kids could consider a spot in a corner of the kitchen to oversee things while working – you’d need to hone those multitasking skills though! If you decide to go with a space in the living room, a good idea would be to separate it with a room divider or even a curtain. Noisy, distracting and high traffic areas in the house are always a no-no.

Getting the Ergonomics Right

Do not underestimate the impact of an ergonomic workstation on your productivity and health. A work desk with a chest of drawers( is perfect to keep things in easy reach. Individuals required to work long hours should definitely invest in an ergonomic swivel chair with the following features: wheels for mobility, adjustable height and backrest, and armrests set narrow enough to let your shoulders and upper body relax.

On the Floor

So you’ve decided to work, sitting cross-legged on the floor – no office desk, no special chair. No problem. You can still enjoy a comfortable working surface. First identify a spot with a back rest for support (such as a wall), and then buy an adjustable laptop stand. Some even come with cooling fans, and a cup and iPad holder.

Light and Space

Always try to ensure plenty of natural daylight, or a bright lamp at night to cut down eye strain. You don’t want the boredom to set in so how about painting your walls in different colors – a mix of cool pastel shades and bright energetic ones. And if your room is too small, you can create the illusion of space by installing mirrors. Finally, a desk facing an open window will prove more refreshing than one facing a wall.

Gadgets and Technology to the Rescue

A mobile phone stand, Bluetooth headphones, or even wired earphones are great to stay hands free, and continue multitasking at your work post. Another good tip is to keep within easy reach, a multi plug charging station with USB ports, and a long cord.

Avoiding Distractions

It’s easy to get distracted when working from home so set up a schedule and inform your family/housemates about your unavailability during working hours. Switch off notifications for social media, or better still, put the phone away and check only after intervals. A coffee or tea maker in easy reach is recommended.

Take a Break

Your eyes will need a break from screens (whether laptop or mobile) so why not stretch a bit, take a walk, cuddle with your pet, grab a coffee, or even enjoy a power nap or quick shower. Within the confines of your home, the possibilities are endless. Get creative, get started!‚Äč

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Practical and Easy Tips to Set Up a Home Office
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