Smart tips for designing a small living space

Decorating small living spaces or houses can sometimes seem as a daunting or impossible task. First the room should not look cluttered or chaotic since it can always make someone want to spend less time in it. However, by being creative and employing some stylish tips you can transform the house into an enjoyable and comfortable place to stay.

Some of the best ideas of decorating small spaces and making them fun to live in both with family and friends include;

Always keep the Floor Clean

Keep the floor and the area close to the door clean to ensure everyone can comfortably enter the house. You can achieve this by creating space under the bed to for example to keep your shoes and other things.

Purchase Folding Pieces of Furniture

Buy tables and chairs that can be folded up after use to create more space. This is because such pieces of furniture are not used the whole day folding them allows one to use such free space to undertake other activities.

Increase Lighting

Since small rooms always look dark, focusing on proper lighting in them makes them more comfortable to spend one’s leisure time. Always hang bright curtains on the windows to maximize the amount of light penetrating the room. Lastly, all keep your windows clean to maintain proper lighting in such rooms.

Add Mirrors

Add a number of mirrors of different sizes in the room, since they always make it look larger. Also, the mirrors can help reflect light to all corners of the house making it look bright. Alternatively, you can mount a big mirror on one corner of the room.

Keep Plants

Putting green plants in a small room helps enhance proper air circulation in the room. Also, plants help to add freshness to a house, make it more attractive and serene.

Make the room Multipurpose

By enhancing creativity you can make a small room serve all the purposes you want. For example, if you don’t have a living room, a dining room and a home office, you can transform one room to serve all motives. You can fix a cabinet or shelve on one side of the room where you store all your office documents. Thereafter, buy a big table with comfortable chairs that you can use both for the office work and when visited by family members and friends.

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Smart Tips for Designing a Small Living Space
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